Make recording and searching
your calls easy

"This call may be recorded for quality purposes" You’re sure to have heard this message before. Organisations use call recording for different reasons. Some organisations are required by law to record certain interactions. Others use call recording to train their internal after sales services or to improve customer satisfaction.

Before the arrival of SIP, such call recordings required taps on every line. But with SIP, tapping into dedicated lines is no longer an option, as ethernet is not a physical medium that can be hardware tapped. As a result, you’ll need a different recording method. And the solution is the Rostom® Session Border Controller

The ideal device for recording your calls

Because Rostom® is already located between the carrier and your organisation to manage all your SIP traffic, it is also ideally placed to record all your incoming and outgoing calls.

Instantly search and retrieve calls

All calls are securely saved to the cloud. An intuitive dashboard allows you to quickly and easily find a call whenever you may need it.

Friendly call recording

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