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Has your company taken the plunge and switched to VoIP, but has this led to complaints from your employees about missed or dropped calls, poor call quality, or both? Rostom® can help!

The Rostom® Session Border Controller – or SBC – offers you everything you need to enhance the call quality of all your VoIP solutions. It normalises hosted PBX signalling between your PBX and your service provider and provides significant routing capabilities.

Quality monitoring

Rostom® continuously tests your VoIP lines and monitors your call quality. With Rostom®, in-depth analyses of your SIP performance and quality over long periods of time are merely a click away. That’s all the quantitative and qualitative proof you’ll ever need to show to and negotiate with your operator.

Monitoring SIP for VoIP communication

Our quality dashboard tracks:


The level of Quality of
Service (QoS) for all calls
The Mean Opinion Score
(MoS) for all calls
The percentage of packet
loss on your network



The latency & jitter
The health of your
SIP infrastructure
Trunk error codes


Rostom® offers you this quality monitoring service from the cloud. This saves you precious database space and ensures that all data stays secure at all time.

Enhanced security

Performance issues, status issues, imminent hardware failure, etc.  are all signalled in virtual real time.

But this non-stop, 24/7 quality monitoring service also means that sinister events, such as unusual traffic surges during Denial-of-Service (DoS) attacks, are detected immediately. Rostom® mitigates these threats and protects networks from DoS attacks.


Informed decisions

Rostom® monitoring not only offers you in depth insights about the quality of your calls, thus giving you all the tools you need to negotiate with your suppliers and vendors, but also shows you the strengths and weaknesses of your current call possibilities. This allows you to make informed decisions about the actions you need to take to up- or downscale your VoIP infrastructure.

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