Link Microsoft Teams® to
the outside world with Rostom®

Microsoft Teams® is the most popular tool used for video calls, online meetings, file sharing and group chats between employees working from home, at the office or from anywhere in the world.

But how about integrating Teams® into your existing PBX, in order to make and receive outside calls through Microsoft Teams®?

This is where Rostom® comes into play. This Session Border Controller was designed by PABX experts to enrich Microsoft Teams®, thus making it possible to contact the outside world through Microsoft Teams® and your preferred provider.

The advantages of integrating Microsoft Teams® with Rostom®

  • Integrate Microsoft Teams® within 10 minutes as opposed to several days
  • Add external calls in Teams® through your own provider, thus benefiting from your regular call charges
  • Keep using your existing telecommunication infrastructure
  • Retain your company phone numbers and caller IDs when making external calls across Teams®

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