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Rostom®, your SIP Bodyguard

The use of virtual meetings, VoIP and other forms of Unified Communications has grown exponentially over the last years. But due to the increased popularity of communication through SIP and the inability of traditional firewalls to adequately secure SIP, Unified Communications are increasingly vulnerable to significant security risks.

Solution against security risks for VoIP and SIM

“This year so far, over 1,200 organisations have fallen victim to a campaign that uses known exploits to remotely gain access to VoIP accounts - and the attackers are selling access to the highest bidder.”

ZDnet, 5 November 2020

Why not a traditional Firewall?

Traditional firewalls cannot secure your SIP, because they do not deal with VoIP traffic at the application layer. A traditional firewall, for example, opens ports to allow the flow of VoIP media packets for every call. However, such firewalls don’t know when calls end and can’t see when third parties join calls. This means that traditional firewalls will leave behind open ports, which can become access points for hackers.

“FBI warns of ongoing corporate vishing attacks”
“According to an FBI Private Industry Notification, threat actors are using VoIP access to exploit employees working from home. Many of these employees use VoIP networks to take company phone calls, making them easy targets for cyber criminals.”, 19 January 2021

The need for an SBC

Session Border Controllers – or SBCs solutions – apply stateful inspection to each call. Unlike conventional firewalls, SBCs can:

  • Shut IP ports after calls
  • Mask and anonymize SIP flows to hide the typology of the internal network
  • Deal with corrupted packets often used as a method of attack
  • Block specific callers or IP address using blacklisting options.
  • Normalize SIP Flows that are under DoS attack
  • Implement admission control to ease heavy traffic

This high-level security for your VoIP is provided in real time to every call, thus effectively protecting you against:



Call Interception


Identity misuse

DoS attacks

Toll fraud

Malformed SIP messages

Rostom®: security tailored to all kinds of companies

The Rostom® Border Controller offers this ironclad security, specifically tailored to your company:

  • Installation and configuration are complete within a single day
  • User-friendly daily use
  • Extensive support

“Overworked hospitals are becoming a prime target for cybercriminals. They now face a very troubling increase in attempts at extortion through ramsomware DoS-attacks. Among the most heavily targeted services are VoIP-technologies used for telemedicine.”

The Cube, 21 December 2020

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