Transparent flow management

You may wonder why you need an SBC to handle your SIP interoperability, when SIP is an industry-standard protocol in its own capacity. Aren’t industry standards designed to ensure consistency across implementations?

You’re right. But the unfortunate reality is that vendors are not consistent in their implementation of SIP. To solve this problem, you need an SBC to ‘translate’ (known as SIP normalization) in order to ensure the proper communication of all signalling instructions.

Making your life easier

In a nutshell, Session Border Controllers play a unique role in VoIP systems and are indispensable in ensuring the optimum performance of SIP communication systems and the optimum network bandwidth that your calls consumes. Without Rostom®, you’re likely to experience communication glitches as well as major security issues.

Transparent flow management

Perfect for
heterogenous & multi-site
corporate environments

In mixed multi-site corporate environments, Rostom® confidently manages communications between different equipment vendors & providers.

Its installation, configuration and everyday use have been designed to be as user-friendly as possible, allowing you to immediately take advantage of all the features of your VoIP solutions without the hassle – and added cost – of a complicated SBC with its plethora of functions that your company will never need.

Easy flow management of all
your company phone numbers

Manage and configure all the phone numbers at once for all the sites of your company, company through Rostom® in the blink of an eye:

  • Dynamic routing
  • Integrations through Rest API’s
  • Integration with Office 365 / Exchange / Google Calendar

With Rostom®, creating an impression of unity between your different company sites becomes child’s play.

Seamless integration with Microsoft Teams®

Are your employees using Microsoft Teams® more often? Thanks to Rostom®, you can now also use Microsoft Teams® through direct routing to connect with the outside world. Rostom® will handle the entire Microsoft Teams® integration process for you. 


Solving the codec problem once and for all

Have you ever wondered why voices on your mobile phone sound different to those on your landline? This is because of the codecs. Different kinds of communication networks use different codecs to convert voice signals for digital transmission. Rostom® can translate these different codecs into a codec for which the end-user device has native support.

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