Session Border Controller (SBC solution)
to manage, protect and record your SIP communications

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Microsoft Teams® Direct Routing Compatible

Why do you need the SBC solution Rostom® ?

Now that working remotely has become mainstream, tools for unified communications have become invaluable in ensuring that productivity levels remain consistent, regardless of whether people are in the office or working remotely.

Providers & companies are therefore migrating to VoIP and SIP trunking worldwide, because it offers more possibilities and is more cost-effective. After all, calls on SIP connections run across IT networks, eliminating the need for separate infrastructure for conventional lines.

VoIP systems also offer:

  • Greater flexibility
  • Increased capacity

However, VoIP systems are not yet fully standardised. These different variations can not only cause quality problems, but make VoIP systems very hackable. The Rostom® Session Border Controller (SBC solution for SME's) will resolve all this problems for you in one go. And to top it all off, Rostom® is fully compatible with Microsoft Teams, making all your communications a breeze!


Microsoft Teams®  Direct Routing Compatible

The benefits of the SBC solution Rostom®

Ironclad security

Communication across SIP poses multiple serious security flaws, including eavesdropping, call interception, piracy and VoIP toll fraud. Your existing traditional firewall couldn’t possibly counteract such attacks. That’s why you’ll need a specific firewall designed for SIP communication. Rostom® is your bodyguard that brilliantly fulfils this role, without any input required from you!

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Link Microsoft Teams® to the outside world

Your employees probably use Microsoft Teams more often. Through direct routing, Rostom® enriches the Microsoft Teams experience by allowing your employees to connect with outside mobile and landlines through Microsoft Teams®, while keeping your preferred provider.

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Reliable quality monitoring

When you switch from a conventional phone line to VoIP, you’ll obviously want the same faultless call quality. Rostom® monitors the quality of every internal & external call session to make sure that calls are free of lag or jitter. Moreover, Rostom® also instantly generates easy-to-understand connection quality analyses to make it easier for you to take actionable decisions. This will provide you with facts to negotiate with your provider. Rostom® acts as an independent third party and agnostic controller.

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Transparent flow management

Every company has its own specific internal ecosystem of various communication tools that – not always without hassle – enable connections to different PABX infrastructures. Rostom® will put together this puzzle for you, seamlessly and in real time, so that your employees always have problem-free access to the outside world.

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User-friendly recording

If you often need to record calls for quality monitoring, training or legal purposes, Rostom® is one of the few SBC solution in the industry that offers this useful extra function. You can specify what type of calls should be recorded. Rostom® will save these in the cloud on your behalf, where you can quickly and easily access them whenever necessary.

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Rostom® is part of Be IP

Rostom® is a solution by Be IP, Belgian expert in IP telephony solutions and intuitive unified communications for small and medium enterprises. Be IP provides solutions based on open standards and technologies, with particular focus placed on ironclad security and a large degree of user-friendliness.

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